Lizard Trailers (Cornwall) specialist hovercraft trailer - first export success to Malaysia

28 Oct 2019

BISEN creates innovative transport and delivery method for hovercraft


BISEN Technology Investment Ltd are specialist consultants in marine manufacturing and maritime operations. They provide solutions for UK companies, primarily in the export market, helping them to develop new technologies and capabilities so that they can take advantage of important commercial opportunities.

Their work led them to identify a specific market need regarding the transport and delivery of hovercraft to remote areas, as their Director, Nick MacLeod-Ash, explains:

“Hovercraft perform a vital role in operations such as disaster and humanitarian relief, but one of the key obstacles in their use is the delivery of the vehicles to the areas where they are required. In rough terrain or in damaged, remote environments, long distance transport by conventional trailers is often impractical.

“BISEN has developed a global transport and delivery system for hovercraft used in search and rescue and humanitarian aid markets. It is a space efficient system which is compatible with existing air transport methods, while also allowing scope to accommodate a 26 foot hovercraft. Importantly, our system will allow the craft to “hover on and hover off” under its own power, rather than employing heavy lifting equipment.

“This new concept would have worldwide applications.”

In order to help accelerate the development of their system, BISEN engaged with the Marine-i project and was awarded a Rapid Innovation Grant of £2,000. Nick says:

“Our grant is funding the purchase of a laptop for CAD software to carry out vital requirements capture, design engineering and structural analysis of the new system. Marine-i have also put us in touch with University of Plymouth, whose engineering students will be involved in helping to test and evaluate the system. This is a fantastic boost for our project.”

Prof. Lars Johanning, of University of Exeter, Lead Partner for the Marine-i Project, says:

“BISEN have created a highly innovative system targeted at a precise gap in the market. The commercial opportunity that it represents has clear global potential and they are already working closely with a lead customer to bring the system to market. Marine-i’s support will help them to develop a new area of specialist design and consultancy within Cornwall that will lead to the creation of new marine manufacturing jobs within the county, further strengthening our supply chain. This is yet another area of marine technology where Cornwall has the opportunity to position itself as a world leader.”

Nick Macleod-Ash adds:

“As well as increasing our market share, we can already see the longer-term potential for spin-off products based around the same system. This is a really exciting stage in the development of our business.”