BISEN – Energy Sector

BISEN draws on a wealth of experience and capability right across the energy sector. Through our organisation of members, we bring a large and diverse range of tailored solutions to meet current energy challenges across the world. Examples of where we can support our customers include:

Creating power and jobs in remote communities

With an emphasis on clean, green and cold technologies, BISEN looks to support development of reliable, resilient and independent energy solutions for remote communities. Depending on weather, geography, social and other factors this could include a combination of wind or solar generation for power, anaerobic digestion facilities for gas production, the development and construction of plant and facilities for the manufacture of biofuels, and other technologies.

We manage the whole project or provide component parts of the solution dependent on customer requirements, such as provision of technical expertise, training and education, backed up by our world-class network of member organisations.

In projects like these BISEN focuses on job creation in communities, with an emphasis on the education and training of local workforces, in addition to the development, installation and sustainment of plant. Depending on the scope of the project, high quality local jobs, with training and technology transfer, can be directly created in employment such as farming, processing, cold-chain, logistics, trade, engineering and technology, consultancy and service provision with additional wide social and business benefits.

BISEN is committed to improving the lives of people in remote communities.

Creating temporary communities

BISEN delivers the rapid deployment of rugged temporary buildings and facilities for a mobile workforce. They include full domestic infrastructure, operational facilities, control centres and offices. The buildings are robust, versatile, comfortable, and can be redeployed once a project is completed.

Our modular designs can be scaled to accommodate any size of workforce; currently BISEN is working on a proposal for a 3,000 strong workforce community that will be scaled to house 250 people on day one, increasing to 3,000 after 18 months

Where an electricity grid is not available, the units can be powered by traditional diesel generators but our preference is to incorporate renewable generation technologies such as solar PV and wind wherever possible, combined with storage for back up to ensure power supply is never interrupted.

Through these solutions we minimise the reliance on traditional fossil fuel generators, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a clean environment.

Large-scale projects

Through our network BISEN can provide energy solutions to meet the needs of large-scale projects, examples include:

Urban energy systems: creation of energy infrastructure for new urban developments – smart design, generation, network installation and operation, energy storage, system control and energy balancing, demand management, energy supply, metering and customer billing. Our aim is to support in the provision of secure, clean, affordable energy.

Chemical processing: support in the procurement, installation and operation of chemical processing plant such as modular refineries.

Education, training and local job creation

It is important to BISEN to pass on knowledge of the processes it creates by supporting the education and development of local people to provide the skilled workforce necessary to perform the range of high quality jobs created.

BISEN’s aim in this sector is to enable the sustainment of resilient communities by creating economic and environmentally grounded energy solutions – providing employment that contributes to secure, vibrant and productive economic development.

For more information contact:
Dave Stacey
Director of Energy Systems
+44 (0) 7833 127612