BISEN - Health Sector

The BISEN Health Sector is responsible for partnering with innovative, reliable and established organisations who design and deliver new and effective solutions to meet specific healthcare needs. We proactively seek out companies and organisations who are leading the field in specific areas of healthcare.




We have experience working for NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts on communication projects ranging from recruitment to cardiac rehabilitation to the promotion of privacy and dignity and projects to further the principle of inclusivity.  We are pleased to receive specific requests for help with projects where our experience and network of contacts will be of benefit.




Bisen members work closely with UKIHMA (United Kingdom International Healthcare Management Association), Healthcare UK and multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Bisen members are able to provide expertise that can cover deployed medical care facilities, medical transport in the form of helicopters, hovercraft or wheeled ambulances. This expertise also covers modern fully equipped main hospitals, the associated electrical systems, training, mentoring and support to maintain effective medical care.




The Covid 19 pandemic has been a focus for our work and we have partnered with Illumisoft a company at the forefront in lighting innovation solutions who have designed and developed the world’s most powerful and effective air sanitiser using UVC light (a sanitisation technology that has been used in medical environments for decades).

It is essential for businesses, organisations and other private and public sector bodies to make indoor environments as safe as possible for their staff, clients, customers and visitors. By doing so they speed the return to some form of new normality, of face-to-face meetings, teaching, delivering care and treatments in person, working and meeting in offices, travelling, eating, drinking, socialising etc.




Mass vaccinations are key to protecting the population from the worst effects of the SARS C0V 2 virus and its variants including the Delta and Omicron. However it is also vital to reduce the spread of the virus and drastically reduce the risk of transmission from the inhalation of harmful airborne particles. Illumisoft’s SaniLume products do just that.

We are involved in the testing of the products in collaboration with Leeds University, with creating the awareness and spearheading the sales of these vital systems in the UK and a number of other countries around the world.




We are interested in hearing from companies and organisations who have a specific expertise, product or project they need to progress or promote and who feel they would benefit from partnering with us and the network of BISEN contacts, and representatives in other sectors.

Will Henry
Healthcare Sales Director
+44 (0) 7971 675256