BISEN was founded in 2013 to bring the collective expertise of the United Kingdom to offer integrated solutions to the international market. It is now an UK Registered Company, supported by HM Government, leading a business consortium that is proactive in developing trade and building capacity with international partners. The collective skills and expertise of the BISEN group can support businesses to develop markets, define requirements and deliver successful programmes. Our professional team can access the UK supply base for novel technologies in equipment, training and support solutions and we can provide engineering and programme management support capacity across the life of the programme.


BISEN has constrained its activity to three sectors; Maritime Security, Energy and Healthcare. In some countries these are closely linked due to organisational structures and operational priorities. As an example, in the oil and gas industry where offshore or delta operations require infrastructure, personnel and shipping security, the large numbers of personnel employed have an expectation of good quality healthcare. BISEN is able to offer expertise that can cover deployed medical care facilities, medical transport in the form of helicopters, hovercraft or wheeled ambulances, modern fully equipped main hospitals and the electronic systems, training, mentoring and support to maintain an effective medical care chain.


BISEN started it's work in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea and has spent 18 months conducting analysis into the areas in which there are needs, government support for action and credible and cost-effective solutions that can be offered. The first contract in Nigeria was secured in April 2015. For the sectors in which it is active, BISEN is beginning to explore new opportunities in the Arab states of the GCC, ASEAN Member States, the countries adjoining the North West passage and South America.


Membership of BISEN is selected through the governance team. There are currently 32 companies that have joined the development forum that are British registered and have proven and relevant expertise, experience, technology and track record to offer to prospective partners in the Sectors. The forum meets on a monthly basis with HM Government representatives and is open to new members who should make contact via the Contact section.


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