BISEN Technology Investment Ltd

BISEN Technology Investment Ltd (BTIL) was established in 30 March 2015 with the objective of assisting member companies to develop ideas, concepts and technology maturity in order to bring them to market.  The principal focus areas are in the marine and flood/disaster response sector.  We have worked on ideas for mobility and a detect and respond solution.

We are pleased to be working with the UK central, regional and local government offices to develop UK skills and products, principally for the export market.  We are currently working on a major project to secure EU funding for a brand new product which if successful we can announce in 2020.

BTIL is Registered in England and Wales at Companies House with company number 09517960.  The Registered office is Endeavour House, Oceansgate, 2 Vivid Approach, Plymouth, England, PL1 4RW and we have just opened an office in Cornwall at Tremough Innovation Centre, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9TA in order to manage the SouthWest  projects more effectively.

Case Studies:

Working with Lizard Trailers (SW) Ltd we have built a proof of concept trailer solution for Griffon’s new 995ED hovercraft to prove it can be packaged to fit inside the EU trailer directive guidelines.  There is further work underway at present to develop the trailer to a production standard.  Griffon’s 995ED is in growing demand for search & rescue, humanitarian aid, flood relief and disaster response agencies around the world who need to deploy the hovercraft by road from their HQ to the region of need.  We are also working on developing a DROPS pallet solution for air transport deployment globally.


We have been successful in achieving the first sales of the Detect and Respond system that integrates unmanned quadcopter drones with on board sensors to provide wider area situational awareness and specific mission detail to responders.  The purpose of the first two systems sold to West Africa and Indonesia were for outreach healthcare delivery and for critical national infrastructure patrol and protection.  Companies that are involved were Intelligent Enterprise Products, Clearwater Dynamics Ltd, SSI Ltd, Bluestone Technology Ltd and Griffon Hoverwork Ltd.