BISEN – Maritime, Survey, Security and Transport

BISEN member companies offer credible and effective solutions to maritime and inland waterway requirements including:

  • Full hovercraft capability
  • Temporary, resilient, self contained and re-deployable waterside infrastructure and operating bases
  • Passive monitoring
  • Active survey
  • Compiled Situational Awareness and incident reporting
  • Education, skills, training and mentoring programmes linked to academic networks and operational mentoring teams


Hovercraft Capability

Griffon Hoverwork Ltd design and supply a range of solutions to civil, commercial and government agencies ranging from 380kg payload to greater than 2000 tonne hoverbarges. Griffon works with other BISEN members and in country partners to provide;

  • technology transfer for licensed workshare
  • support and training for in-country manufacture, depth support and sustainment engineers, hovercraft crew and pilots, and operational users



Their customers, and the roles of the hovercraft, range from:

  • Coast guards and the emergency services fulfilling functions such as surveillance and safety, incident response, search and rescue, pollution control, fisheries protection and customs, immigration and border control
  • Defence and security customer functions such as protected mobility, observation post and fire support
  • Commercial applications include passenger and freight ferries ranging from 5 to 200 passengers and large or unusual payloads


Griffon is expert in the design and construction of bespoke hovercaft, hoverbarges and skirts which can be dual passenger/freight capable or special purpose retrofit such as bolt-on skirt design for moving large industrial modules and storage tanks.

Temporary, resilient, self contained and re-deployable waterside infrastructure and operating bases

Weatherhaven Global Solutions draws on its well proven supplier base to provide integrated, credible and stress-tested infrastructure solutions in difficult and demanding environments. They have been proven at high altitude, cold, hot, humid and dessert conditions with the world’s most exacting customers.

The re-deployable bases include full communications, computing, command and control, electrical supply, heating, air-conditioning, accommodation, medical, catering, water purification, waste disposal, training/crew rooms, maintenance workshops. The construction is fully modular and can be expanded from single units to sustain teams of many hundreds of people and their equipment.


Users include arctic survey, military, special forces, commercial operators and the film industry.

Full support for design, construction, training and refurbishment is offered both in UK and at the deployed locations.

Survey and Surveillance

BISEN member companies such as Flyt, AgustaWestland, Airbus, AleniaAermacchi, Telespazio, Thales, Scanna and Smiths offer overhead and sideways looking survey and surveillance from satellite, aeroplane, helicopter, UAV, vessel, waterside infrastructure and man-portable sensors. Solutions can be tailored for enduring or bespoke temporary applications. Examples include:

  • Critical national infrastructure such as linear routes of pipelines or cables
  • Structures such as bridges, power plants and rigs
  • Areas such energy concessions, agricultural land, forestry, fisheries and conservation zones
  • Pollution control zones for early warning of leaks, identification of source and effects and collation of judicial evidence


Compiled Situational Awareness and incident reporting

Clearwater are the lead company for compiling and presenting the information sources from member companies with external sources to provide a common situational awareness picture. The information is displayed in real time and can be used for exception and incident flagging, support to decision making, response task force monitoring and trend reporting.

The Clearwater common situational awareness tools are helpful to government officers where a joined up and coherent response is required across multiple agencies and external parties.

Clearwater can provide SatC Raptor tracking units which can be used in conjunction with vessel tracking systems or licensing for vessels that fall outside IMO regulations for AIS. Clearwater works closely with third party companies such as BISEN members providing data from their survey and surveillance systems, together with external entities such as IHS, Janes, AIS and Skywave.


Education, skills and training programmes linked to academic networks and operational mentoring

It is important to BISEN and our members that we wish to pass on knowledge and to support the education and development of local people involved in our projects to provide the skilled workforce necessary to perform the range of high quality jobs created.

BISEN’s aim in this sector is to help develop skilled and motivated people in employment that contribute to the sustainability and resilience of communities and hence the security and prosperity of the population.

For more information, contact:
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