EcoPro saves you money whilst slashing environmental emissions

07 Dec 2021

Our solution 

EcoPro gives a very low cost and immediate contribution to decarbonisation and your ESG plan together with considerable fuel savings, maintenance cost reductions and the operational advantage, in its business case, of a financially compelling pay-back period.



Fitting EcoPro does not require any modification to the fuel, exhaust, ECU, electronics or software on your vehicle or vessel.  Our experienced team can conduct a survey and quote for a mounting kit fitting.  EcoPro consists of a controller unit, an inverter to receive 12V or 24V supply from the battery or a switched live, a knock sensor, a reservoir bottle to hold deionised water, one or more electrolysers (depending on the fuel consumption of your engine) and a 6mm pipe to feed pure hydrogen into the atmosphere side of your engine’s air filter.

How EcoPro functions

EcoPro is a product that uses the normal engine battery to catalyse deionised water to produce unpressurised pure hydrogen.  The pure hydrogen is introduced to the atmosphere side of the air filter without modification.  The flow of hydrogen is matched to the engine demand through its speed range to improve the efficiency of the combustion cycle, which means that:

a) greenhouse gas emission is immediately reduced, and

b) the amount of fossil fuel required to provide the appropriate power or torque is decreased, hence giving fuel savings.

Saves you money 

Typical fuel savings are in excess of 10%.  Additionally, AdBlue consumption is reduced, EGR, DPF components etc., stay cleaner, engine temperatures run lower, oil stays in grade for longer and maintenance events are reduced and less frequent.

Slashing environmental emissions

EcoPro’s greenhouse gas emission reduction has been tested on engines from different manufacturers and in different applications ranging from agriculture, fishing and transport.  CO2 is generally cut by 50% and NOx by more than 30%.  We’ve tested on Caterpillar, Deutz, Cummins, John Deere, Volvo, MAN, Land Rover and other autos.

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