Hovercraft Capability Companies To Exhibit At Abu Dhabi ISNR

14 Jan 2016

Griffon Hoverwork Ltd have embarked their most advanced 2000TD hovercraft demonstrator to the United Arab Emirates for sea trials.

The hovercraft is part of a capability package that has been assembled by companies from the United Kingdom’s BISEN consortium, supported by Her Majesty’s Government, and working in partnership with UAE businesses. The systems will be subjected to trials and evaluation by UAE and British users before being demonstrated at Abu Dhabi’s ISNR Exhibition between 15-17 March 2016.

Being demonstrated are Clearwater Tracking’s Detect and Respond system including their Raptor tracking system. Improved detection comes from the combined sensors of Skydroid’s Aeryon SkyRanger™ UAS operated from the hovercraft as a carrier for the drone and downlinked to the hovercraft’s Bluestone cabin situational awareness displays. The same displays also show data from the hovercraft’s own optical and thermal imaging overhead camera systems plus third party event data feeds. The combined information allows better local response planning and update during movement to respond to incidents ranging from critical infrastructure protection, pollution control, search & rescue, maritime security and coast guard functions. Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband 250 provides sharing of the combined situational awareness data with other licensed users.


On land, Weatherhaven’s deployable EH-MECC is a fully assembled, self contained mobile shelter which has been configured as the command post and is equipped with the same Detect and Respond System.  The command post receives the satellite broadcast data feed and video broadcast from the SkyRanger and hovercraft sensors for wider response team planning.  The EH-MECC is also configured for many other functions such as medical care, workshops and temporary accommodation.

The hovercraft is equipped with OTO Melara’s Hitrole system which provides a fully stabilized platform for the thermal and optical sensors and self defence systems.

Also attending at ISNR will be Jankel who are presenting e2v’s RF Safe-Stop™ engine immobilization system and LCM-IFC who are presenting their end-to-end fuel management used in the sustainment of the power systems.

The UK team has been working with two notable UAE businesses to prepare and conduct the demonstrations.  Siham Al Khaleej Technology are providing the Hitrole and the system assembly and operating base, and High Speed Craft are providing logistic support and local hovercraft expertise for the trials.

Siham Al Khaleej Technology and High Speed Craft are sharing the ISNR Stand Number CP 210 with the UK companies, whilst the hovercraft and its systems will be demonstrating in the surrounding waterways and live linked to the stand monitors.


Links to the companies:

Company System URL
Griffon Hoverwork Ltd Hovercraft


Weatherhaven Global Solutions Ltd Deployable Shelters


Clearwater Tracking Ltd Tracking, Planning and Route Optimisation


Skydroid Ltd Quadcopter UAV
Inmarsat Ltd Broadband Satellite Communications


IFC-LCM Ltd End to End Fuel Management


Jankel Ltd Safestop engine immobilisation


BISEN Ltd Programme Management and Consultancy


UK Trade & Investment HM Government support to international trade and investment


High Speed Craft Logistic Support and UAE hovercraft operations
Siham Al Khaleej Technologies Hitrole systems and shipyard