BISEN - Survey Sector

BISEN draws together the wealth of products, skills and experience of its member companies for its aerial survey capability.

BISEN’s survey sector is led by Flyt Ltd who have access to world class unmanned aerial vehicles, sensors, ground stations and software to process and interpret the data into easily understandable information from which management decisions can be taken. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) can be rotary or fixed wing configurations depending on the requirement and the constraints.


Rotary UAV inspecting pylons and insulators. Fixed wing UAV conducting crop development survey to identify irrigation and fertiliser requirements.

Rotary UAV inspecting pylons and insulators. Fixed wing UAV conducting crop development survey to identify irrigation and fertiliser requirements.

The range of aerial platforms available also includes manned platforms, such as helicopters from AgustaWestland, which can be configured with sensors covering the electro-magnetic spectrum supplied by Thales, Selex ES and other companies.

Observation services can also be provided from low orbit satellites provided through companies such as Airbus (formerly Astrium) and Telespazio.

Depending on the requirement, the information could either be displayed on a dedicated ground station for a specific platform (e.g. an UAV for a structural or agricultural survey) or could be fused with multiple data sources (e.g. for maritime situational awareness or a Search And Rescue function).

Clearwater Tracking solutions display data from multiple sources such as marine AIS, bespoke tracking solutions, near real time satellite feed and aerial platform positional and video imagery. Where necessary a service can be provided to analyse the data across the spectrum for trending or identification of exceptional activities.


Sensors including; visual, multispectral, thermal, LIDAR, hyperspectral are available for Plant health measurement, Water quality assessment. Full spectral sensing, Mineral and surface composition surveys

Applications of aerial survey

  • Structural survey. Examples include towers, bridges, oil rigs, pylons etc. Normally using rotary UAVSs
  • Linear surveys. Examples include fence lines, pipelines, pylon routes, waterways, shipping lanes, roads, boundaries. Normally using fixed wing UAVs but can use rotary for shorter linear lengths or where launch and recovery of UAVs is more challenging
  • Area survey such as for forestry, agriculture and game parks where tracking the development of vegetation, animal life and human life is important for identification of irregular patterns and anomalies


The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Operations

UAVs are the ideal platform for lower cost, more detailed, aerial data capture.  Flyt’s UAVs have on-board intelligence which simplifies operation and adapts the flight path to take account of weather conditions, with the pilot on the ground only needing to take control by exception.

There is equal emphasis on the data generated to enable accurate decision making, as there is on the reliability of the UAV. The Flyt offer includes the real time transmission of the data to cloud based storage where the captured data is stitched together into a fully interactive orthomosaic image and analysed to provide an immediate and useable output on any internet-connected device or screen.

It is then very easy to apply different analytics to the viewed data to gain different insights; or compare the data with historical versions, or re-task the UAV on the fly to capture additional data, or indeed use the data as is to task operational assets to the areas of interest identified.

Additionally UAVs can quickly be recovered and reconfigured with an alternative sensor (multispectral, thermal, LiDAR) to integrate additional data depth into your existing operational model and workflow.

Education, training and local job creation

BISEN focuses on job creation in communities, with an emphasis on the education and training of local workforces, in addition to the development, installation and sustainment of the minimal facilities required to operate UAVs. Depending on the scope of the project, high quality local jobs, with training and technology transfer, can be directly created in employment to support improvement in productivity and security and thereby in trade, engineering and technology, consultancy and service provision.

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